Sorry Piers, we’ve got bigger fish to fry!

In case you just crawled out from under the rock, Piers Morgan is that deluded Irish journalist and television personality with an Arsenal season ticket and an Anything But United mentality. As the editor of the Mirror, jealousy of United’s success led him to print increasingly desperate and hysterical anti-United articles in his tabloid on top of other editorial gaffes such as having to issue a public apology for publishing insensitive articles about the German football team and being found guilty of breaching the code of conduct of financial journalism. He oversaw a period of decline in circulation levels and was eventually sacked for authorizing the publishing of fake photographs of British troops in Iraq.

Of late, obviously having nothing better to do with his sad life, Piers decided to instigate some kind of Twitter feud with Rio Ferdinand, saying he was “ready to take (Rio) down”, following a completely unrelated tweet by Rio who said nothing more than that he was looking forward to seeing Gary Neville on Twitter soon. Obviously a pathetic attempt to draw more publicity to himself and get more followers on his page.

In the most recent of exchanges, Piers issued a challenge to Rio, saying that he could outstrip our boy in number of followers on Twitter, with the relevant tweet going something like this:

And I repeat @rioferdy5 – do you accept my 10k bet (proceeds to#GOSH) that I’ll take you down in follower count by Christmas?#moobspower

Considering that Rio has over 750,000 followers compared to Piers’ slightly over 500,000, I’d say that it’s pretty much a no-contest. Even then, Rio proved too classy for such petty disputes, stating in his reply, quite rightfully, that:

@piersmorgan I got trophies to win…worrying about having more followers than you is not something I need to waste energy on! Sorry fella!

Atta boy, Rio. The best way to shut that Gooner twat up would be to beat Arsenal to the league this season rather than engage in some childish Twitter war, and our Rio knows that only too well. I guess it’s also kind of sad that this is the kind of fan that Arsenal are happy to have as supporters, but that fortunately isn’t our problem.

Same old Arsenal…

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