About us
United for United is a supporters’ club for Manchester United Football Club based in Singapore. Founded in 2010, we have grown from a modest gathering of friends to an ever-expanding organisation that has made an invaluable impact and contribution to both Manchester United fans in Singapore as well as the local football scene.

The NewsBlog
When we first launched our online presence in the form of unitedforunited.com, we wanted our website to have a blog-styled news and articles page which we could update regularly and our viewers could respond to. However, our webhost operated on a flash-based platform (don’t get us wrong, we still feel that they’ve got a great sitebuilding engine) which had certain technical limitations, particularly if you wanted to have a blog on your website. Because of this, we decided to move our articles page out of our webhost to an external blog instead. This was a big improvement in many ways:

  • Viewers could now comment on and discuss the articles posted (huge plus)
  • Embedding of pictures, videos and other interactive content within the article itself, something our flash-based website was unable to support.
  • …and because our main website was flash based, it also couldn’t be viewed on many mobile devices. Our blog, however, is also available in a mobile version, so visitors can now enjoy a very important part of our online content on their mobile phones.
  • Finally, our new vision for the United for United website is to serve as an interactive platform that links together all forms of social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.) that we have a presence on. Think of our website as the lobby that links you to all the other parts of U4U online, each with its own unique and interactive web experience. We’re proud to say that our NewsBlog is the first phase of this new development.

The United for United NewsBlog is an extension of our online presence – and our goal is to make it as integral to our members as the main website itself.

United for United, United for Man United.


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